OverTime By Text™ a revolutionary new system for overtime administration
OverTime By Text™ is a unique approach to smoothing administration of overtime.

OverTime By Text™ is a simple solution for polling staff to cut down on the time taken to locate and request staff to work overtime.

OverTime By Text™ is an extension of the Acumen product suite which enables true end-to-end management of time and resource administration

Acumen also automatically takes into account many important parameters such as working time directive and hours worked to ensure that only suitable workers are polled by the OverTime By Text™ solution.

OverTime By Text™ provides an intelligent list management portal that can take names from within Acumen or other systems.

The Obscure Solutions OverTime By Text™ solution is designed specifically to make the submission of time sheets and overtime extremely simple, less time consuming and significantly less process intensive for all involved.

The product roadmap for OverTime By Text™ is set to extend its capability through the integration of the solution into leading workforce management systems and HR solutions.

The Acumen system already integrates readily to HR and accounting systems, allowing real time 2- way communication enabling an organisation to prompt staff with submission reminders or queries. This solution provides huge savings on back office processing and allows anyone with a mobile phone to submit or request overtime and approve time, via a simple text message.

The approach of Obscure Solutions has been to leverage commonplace existing mobile technologies that are familiar to people all over the world.

The solution is an extension to the Acumen product range, enabling organisations to significantly reduce cost and increase revenues by allowing staff to submit weekly timesheets by a simple text message ,clients will also have the ability to approve and review timesheets by text or online.

From a client perspective the solution can be driven by other applications such as HR systems accounts systems and workforce management.