Obscure Solutions develop eye-Site®
Acumen is easy to use thanks to Obscure Solutions’s unique eye-Site® design methodology.
This approach is a key differentiator in a market place where "typical systems" rely on presenting information in spreadsheet format, making interpretation of data far more difficult for users.

eye-Site® adopts the principle that around 90% of the information processed by the human mind is based on a subconscious level and that the primary key for this processing is pictorial or shape based.

Within Acumen every report, display and line of data has a representative visual key. This visual key provides a fast way of identifying the content of the line. Each sheet of data is then summarised by a secondary key in the form of a pie chart, providing a graphical summary of the entire sheet.

Whilst very simple, eye-Site® is highly effective in speeding the analysis of complex data.

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